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Contribution Envelopes

By using contribution envelopes, you can request a contribution statement when you file your taxes

Community Alliance Program

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (OLMC) has partnered with Boiling Springs Savings Bank to raise money for our parish through their Community Alliance Program (CAP).


The Boiling Springs Community Alliance Program (CAP) is designed to provide financial help to Non-Profit entities, such as Our Lady of Mount Church, enhance the bank’s community involvement &  provide a tax benefit for the bank. This is a  WIN / WIN situation for all.


NO MONEY WILL BE WITHDRAWN from OLMC program supporters’ accounts and your information will continue to be completely confidential.


Boiling Springs Bank will make a quarterly donation to OLMC based on the average balance of our supporters & parishioners’ enrolled accounts once OLMC has the required minimum TWENTY  individual supporters, parishioners enrolled in CAP. There is no limit on the number of accounts each supporter and/or parishioner can enroll in CAP.


Enrollment is quick & easy.  Simply visit a Boiling Springs Branch and fill out a Community Alliance Supporter Account form.  No documentation is required other than proof of your name & address. Please be sure to use the unique CAP #454 assigned to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church by Boiling Springs Bank.


Questions, etc., please contact Mary Dennehy, Lyndhurst Branch Manager (201.939.5550) or call OLMC parishioner Steve Colacurcio (201.410.3784).

2020 Annual Appeal


The theme of the 2020 Annual Appeal is “Shining the Light of Christ.” As disciples, we are individually called to radiate the love of God in our work, our relationships, our service and our giving (cf. Mt. 5:16). As a Catholic faith community, our common worship, hospitality, pastoral care and ministry reflects this love to the wider community. By sharing our time, unique talents, and personal treasure, we participate in shining the light of Christ ever more brightly.

As members of the Catholic Church of Newark, we are united by a common mission entrusted to us by Jesus Christ - to proclaim the Gospel, to pass on the faith to the next generation through the celebration of the sacraments, to care for the poor and vulnerable, and to form our future priests. The 2020 Annual Appeal binds us more closely to this mission through our stewardship of God's many gifts.

Your support of this year's Annual Appeal will have a direct impact on the lives of those served through the ministries and programs of this Archdiocese.

Will you prayerfully consider making a gift to the 2020 Annual Appeal?

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