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Religious Education

Patricia Hirsch, Parish Catechetical Leader

Tina Frey, Religious Education Secretary 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel provides religious education instruction for children in grades 1 - 8.  In our program, we celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation (grade 2), Communion (grade 2), and Confirmation (grade 8). Our program will foster your child's faith by addressing spiritual growth, community building and living a “sacramental” life, a life based on love. We welcome all families to our parish.  Please “come and see” what our Lord has to offer to you and your children at our parish. Religious Education Classes are scheduled Sundays and Wednesdays from September through May.

2024-25 Registration 

Registration for the 2024-2025 Religious Education school year is now open. Returning students must register each year. Registration forms were emailed to all 2023-24 families. Admission Forms can also be downloaded here.    


The following is required for all new and transfers students:

  1. Families must be registered as parishioners at OLMC. Parish registration can be completed here.

  2. A copy of the child’s baptismal certificate (if not baptized at OLMC) and copies of any other sacraments received. 

  3. Transfer students must submit a letter of transfer from previous Religious Education Program stating the last grade completed. 

TUITION: 1 child - $75.00, 2 children - $100.00 and 3 or more children - $150.00.  Any registration received after 9/1/24 will incur a $10 per child late fee

SACRAMENTS: There is an additional $50.00 fee for children in Grades 2 and 8



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Calendar of Classes (TBD)


Class Schedule (TBD)

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