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As a result of the Synod on Synodality, The Archdiocese of Newark has identified six key themes for Parish renewal focus: Parish Community (encompassing Welcome, Hospitality, & Evangelization/Outreach), Youth/Young Adult, Faith Formation, Participation of Laity in Church Leadership, Governance and Communications. To facilitate these themes in our Parish, Our Lady of Mt Carmel is excited to introduce a re- established (Parish) Pastoral Council, which will be the catalyst for renewal and vitality of our Parish.  In close partnership with Father Ernie, the Council will be essential to parish life in assisting in developing the mission of the parish and planning for the future. 


We invite all parishioners to feel free to reach out to any member of the Pastoral Council for any ideas, suggestions or discussion on the key themes for our Parish renewal focus.

Pastoral Council

Meet the Pastoral Council Members:

Mike DeMarco, President, Pastoral Council. Parishioner since 2000. President, Holy Name Society, Feast Volunteer.


John Beirne, Finance Committee. Parishioner since 1987. Parish Trustee, Holy Name Society, Feast Volunteer, Lector, Eucharistic Minister.


MaryAnn Bonassi, President, Finance Committee. Parishioner since 1997. Parish Trustee, President, Rosary Society, Feast Volunteer, Lector, Eucharistic Minister.


Alexis DiTullio, Minister of Music. Parishioner since 1998. Feast Volunteer.


Patricia Hirsch, Leader, Faith Formation. Parishioner since 2002. Rosary Society.


Judy Gencarelli, Parish Secretary. Parishioner since 1975. Feast Volunteer.


Jimmy Feniello, Facilities Manager. Parishioner since 2010.


Patricia Howard, Leader, Evangelization Ministry. Parishioner since 1997. VP, Rosary Society, Respect Life Ministry, Feast Volunteer, Eucharistic Minister.


Nancy Naddeo, Leader, Liturgical Ministry. Parishioner since 1996. Rosary Society, Feast Volunteer, Gardening Ministry, Social Concerns, Lector, Eucharistic Minister.


Sheryl Cucchiara, President, Social Concerns. Parishioner since 2020. Feast Volunteer, Gardening Ministry, Bingo Volunteer, Money Counter, Lector, Eucharistic Minister.


Jessica Rivera, Pastoral Council Secretary. Parishioner since 2010. Rosary Society.


Susan Petrillo, Leader, Arts & Environment Ministry. Parishioner since 2010. Feast Volunteer, Social Concerns, Gardening Ministry, Money Counter.


Luke Giunta, Leader, Youth Ministry.  Parishioner since 1998. Feast Volunteer, Holy Name Society.

Ed Werrell, Laity Advisor. Director Bingo Operations. Parishioner since 1989. Holy Name Society.


Isabella Guzman, Youth Laity Advisor. Parishioner since 2011. Faith Formation Volunteer.

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